Reliability and Fairness of cryptogames

The Fairness of the game are based on three key elements, first of all, the capacity of all users to confirm their results themselves utilizing hashing as well as seeding mechanisms mentioned in this section; secondly, cooperation with some other providers dedicated to the same goals as just a part of a Crypto Gambling Foundation as well as a verified operator inside it, and finally, and via frequent independent monitoring of any involved process that took by outside industry experts.

Probably Fair RNG

The first and crucial component of the mechanism assuring Fairness at the site is just the probably fair RNG. It allows every participant to confirm and verify that each bet outcome has been created correctly and by the offered odds. To do this, a server initially commits to server seeding for a forthcoming wager and transmits the hash of this seeding to the client. The client now may pick a client seed combined with a server seed to create the bet outcome. Afterwards, the client needs to check the employed server seed with the hash supplied earlier to confirm the result has been appropriately completed.

As both parties have had no previous information regarding the other seed and cannot change their origin after being informed of another party’s source, it assures Fairness to both the site and, most crucially, all its users. This is, of course, a summary of the hired provably fair processes. Still, detailed descriptions could be found on every game to minor differences concerning the provable fairness execution for the particular game, as well as a text and video explanation for navigating the system and verifying bets to help all options understand the procedure.

Additional information & examples of provably fair procedures are accessible on many other websites, like this one. For convenience and to enable customers to verify their bets, the company has also collaborated with an independent supplier to provide a third-party-operated validator for all bets made on the website, accessed here

Mutual Cooperation

CryptoGames is a member of a Crypto Gambling Foundation like a verified operator. Among many other things, the CGF aims to enhance provably fair gambling techniques throughout the industry, create awareness for such methods, and teach players how to profit from them. For additional information about CGF and its activities, as well as instructional material addressing provably fair gaming given by the organization, check to visit their website

Outside Monitoring

As the final aspect of transparent and equitable gaming at CryptoGames, the company has agreed to frequent independent audits done on the RNG by industry professionals. ITech Labs completed the latest inspections on 17-11-2020, wherein they validated that the RNG passed “Marsaglia’s rigorous tests for scientific randomness. ” Further, they determined “that the card/number combinations are unexpected, non-repeatable, and evenly distributed. ” The whole certificate maintained on their servers may be seen here.


Trust from the official website 

For the team at CryptoGames, it’s critically essential that we deliver a transparent and equitable gaming experience to every user. As a result of the dedication to this purpose, we apply provably fair procedures for producing the outcomes of all the activities. In the next part, we will detail these components’ influence on guaranteeing an equitable and open service for all the players.

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